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We are an accelerator with the will to deeply innovate the startup ecosystem.

We search, select and invest in talent, skills and expertise from our territory to develop cutting-edge entrepreneurial realities capable of driving innovation in and out of our country and generating a positive impact to benefit society and the local economy.


is a project developed together with
Fondazione Marche logo

As the first investor in AC75 Startup Accelerator, it promotes the renewal and growth of the productive system in the Marche region through startups and has always favored startup projects with a focus on benefits for youth employment.

Indeed, the foundation has involved more than 6,500 young people in entrepreneurial training activities and launched more than 150 startups since 2001 through eCapital, the first business plan competition that arose in Italy. Fondazione Marche has also participated from the seed stage in the capital in some of the most successful startups in Italy.

Fondazione Cariverona logo


The foundation involved in setting up, supporting and promoting projects of social utility and in the economic development of the geographical areas in which it is active. The challenge the Foundation embraces each and every day is that of “generating change”. This is achieved through emphasising the value of the local area and by giving support to those organisations that by vocation are in contact with men and women of all ages who, to a greater or lesser degree, are in a situation of fragility.

Logo Università Politecnica delle Marche

Università Politecnica delle Marche:

Fondazione Universitaria per lo Sviluppo dell’imprenditorialità

Fondazione Universitaria per lo Sviluppo Imprenditoriale,” which has Università Politecnica delle Marche as its reference body, operates for the purpose of fostering the cultural, social and economic development of the communities in which the University operates, promoting the development of initiatives to support the transfer of research results to the socio-economic system and the emergence of new entrepreneurship.

AC75 SA Team

A serial entrepreneur, Mario Pesaresi is the President of Fondazione Marche and has held high-profile roles for more than 35 years as founding partner, chairman and CEO of companies operating in Italy and abroad, ranging from finance to industry to renewable energy.

Expertise in AC75 SA:
Mario Pesaresi founded AC75 SA in December 2021 with the goal of developing innovation through startups in the silver economy sector and in the Marche region in general.

Mario Pesaresi

AC75 Startup Accelerator President

Tireless and determined, Matteo has over 25 years of experience in strategic development, startup acceleration, VC Impact fund investment management, and business angel club coordination.

Expertise in AC75 SA:

Matteo supervises the coordination and strategic development of the accelerator’s different areas of action: from financial and administrative aspects to investment to communication to new program development, in order to achieve AC75 SA’s mission.

Matteo Bina Sforza Fogliani

General Director
Extroverted and dynamic, Floriano has more than 10 years of experience in startups as a founder, mentor, trainer and consultant for companies, universities, business schools and research centers.
Expertise in AC75 SA:
Floriano coordinates the Next Age program and helps founders understand the complexities of scaling a company and making an impact in the marketplace, supporting them before, during and after the acceleration journey.

Floriano Bonfigli

Next Age Acceleration Program Advisor
Patient and collaborative, Mario has more than 15 years of experience in startups, technology transfer, training and early-stage business creation in the healthcare sector at three universities and a medical research center.
Expertise in AC75 SA:
Mario contributes to developing the innovation ecosystem in the Silver Economy by supporting the accelerator in establishing new partnerships with corporate companies, universities, institutes and research centers in order to increase the AC75 Startup Accelerator network.

Mario Salerno

Partnership & Ecosystem Advisor
Diligent and resourceful, Enrico holds a degree in International Economics and Commerce from Università Politecnica delle Marche. Although very young, Enrico is taking on roles of increasing responsibility within AC75 SA.
Expertise in AC75 SA:
Enrico is skilled in scouting and evaluating startups, collaborating on investment program management and portfolio management activities.

Enrico Polenta

Startup Analyst

Methodical and transparent, Chiara has years of experience in administration, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations.

Expertise in AC75 SA:

She is passionate about finance and business organization. Chiara coordinates the management of the administrative and economic-financial activities of the accelerator.

Chiara Polenta

Head of Administration

Outgoing and creative, Domiziana has experience in Sales & Marketing roles in Italian companies with strong international presence and is passionate about digital communication and marketing.

Expertise in AC75 SA:
She holds strategic, operational and coordinating roles in the different communication areas of the accelerator.

Domiziana Sandroni

Communication Manager